Bring the Joy and Maybe Some Silliness

We all need joy in our lives and what better way than to bring it ourselves? I have been working on implementing these in all my relationships (spouse, kids, friends, coworkers & strangers) and you know what? I've vastly decreased reasons to complain about my life as it is hard to complain when you are trying to bring the joy to all occasions. 

Here are 60 ideas to help you "bring the joy" on a daily basis. 

  1. Sing in the shower
  2. Make smiley faces with your breakfast foods
  3. Bring in treats (healthy I hope) to the office
  4. Smile at everyone
  5. Learn some jokes and tell them!
  6. Tickle your kids or partner
  7. Laugh at yourself often
  8. Smile while you talk on the phone
  9. Play a prank on a friend
  10. Write a note to your lover and leave it in their car
  11. Talk in a foreign accent
  12. Watch a funny movie or YouTube channel (babies laughing anyone?)
  13. Draw a flip book
  14. Play charades 
  15. Watch stand-up comedy
  16. Sing in public
  17. Play games
  18. Play make believe
  19. Have a water balloon / squirt gun fight
  20. Buy someone flowers
  21. Pay it forward 
  22. Buy a stranger their coffee
  23. Go on an adventure
  24. Run somewhere 
  25. Have a foot race
  26. Arm wrestle
  27. Express gratitude
  28. Dance / run in the rain
  29. Have a snowball fight
  30. Make a snowman
  31. Try to catch the leaves falling from the trees in Autumn
  32. Hop like a frog / bunny
  33. Play fetch with a dog
  34. Watch the sunrise
  35. Watch the sunset
  36. Hold the door open for someone
  37. Visit an amusement park or carnival
  38. Help someone to their car
  39. Donate your time
  40. Donate your money
  41. Donate food
  42. Donate your stuff
  43. Help kids with their homework (most schools have after-school homework help programs)
  44. Play intramural sports
  45. Surprise someone by doing their chores for them
  46. Go out on a date (this can be with your spouse, lover, kids or even friends)
  47. Go to a class and learn something new
  48. Get out of your comfort zone and experience something new
  49. Share some fond memories with someone
  50. Teach someone something you know
  51. Go to a retirement home and listen to someone’s stories
  52. Pay someone a compliment
  53. Set up a contest with your friends
  54. Slide down the slide at a park
  55. Swing on the swings at the park
  56. Throw a costume party
  57. Send someone a hand written letter
  58. Publicly express gratitude for someone
  59. Climb a tree
  60. Go outside and look at the stars

As they say "Laughter is the best medicine." And a toxic mind that is joy-less can be a breeding ground for disease.

What more can you add? Which of these are you going to try TODAY?

With love, hugs and smiles,