A Book Review - "Bulletproof, The Cookbook" by Dave Asprey

12631507_1551763351817048_723585682006590452_n If you've been following my Instagram account or Facebook page, you already know I'm a fan of this book. It hasn't left the kitchen. I've tried 33 of the 125 "Recipes to Kick Ass" since I received the book in December which should say a lot in itself. I've read a lot of cookbooks and I've never wanted to try every single recipe until I read this book. I would say 28 of the 33 I've tried have been winners in our household to be made again and again which also says a lot since I have a kinda picky husband and a 3 year old who is naturally in the picky stage. Luckily, the baby eats everything as long as it is soft enough to gum.

The beginning of this cookbook gives a good summary of what defines bulletproof eating along with the bulletproof spectrum for each food category. I read Dave Asprey's book The Bulletproof Diet before I read this one and I told myself when I was done that I'd probably have to read it another 3 times before everything committed to memory because wow, what a lot of new information about nutrition! I'll have to read it again before I write a real review for it. Bulletproof eating takes Paleo and clean eating to a whole new level. The focus is to eat a ton of vegetables and add healthy dietary fats like butter, ghee, avocado, coconut oil, XCT oil, etc... and then add your clean protein like pastured eggs, pastured pork, grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon and other fish. Fruits are kept to one serving a day, usually at night. He also outlines plans for intermittent fasting. I have to admit I have not tried that  aspect of bulletproof eating yet.

Bulletproof, The Cookbook also contains cooking techniques for optimal nutritional retention in meats and veggies. It explains why certain vegetables, especially those in the cruciferous family are better cooked before consumption to reduce the amount of anti-nutrients. Low heat cooking is stressed to avoid fats being oxidized by surpassing their smoke point. Because of this, some recipes do take longer than one may be accustomed to be done. I ran into this with the roast chicken taking much longer than other recipes I've used, so food for thought when trying some of these for the first time. Conversely, some recipes come together very quickly which is handy for lunch or those busy nights you don't really feel like cooking. I have definitely been incorporating the cooking techniques into my other recipes and meal preparations.


Something surprisingly awesome about this book is the desserts. Cupcakes made without flour or gluten free flour substitutes - yeah, that kicks ass. Raspberry-Beet Sorbet - who thinks of that combination? Turns out to be a winner with my kids and myself. I'm one happy Mama to see kids eating vegetables for dessert. The dessert recipes that I've tried say serves 2, but in my opinion, they make closer to 8 servings if you are eating them after a real meal. They are rich and satisfying and a little goes a long way.

Since I've been applying bulletproof cooking techniques and recipes on a regular basis for about 2 months now, I have noticed my energy levels are steady throughout the day up until bedtime and I'm not feeling the need to snack in between meals. Same with the 3 year old; we've eliminated the morning snack and just have a tiny snack between lunch and dinner some days (usually our serving of fruit.) I feel like I need another produce drawer or two in the fridge because of all the vegetables I'm buying for the week now. I LOVE that. (Of course, I've always been the "weird" kid who loves vegetables.) The pantry is being used less and less for food and snacks - just been digging into it for spices and oils for the bulletproof recipes.

So, if you're just looking for the higher level overview of eating bulletproof along with cooking techniques and tons of awesome recipes, start with the cookbook. If you don't believe me and want to sample a recipe for yourself first, you must try the Cauliflower-Bacon Mash from the cookbook, also on the Bulletproof blog. This recipe turned my cauliflower-hater husband into a believer. Love you, babe!

With love, hugs and smiles,