What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut is a term I first heard a few months ago, but didn't put much thought into it. Just a "what in the world does that refer to? Gas?" Well, that is partly correct. I recently listened to part of "Heal Your Gut Summit 2016" put together by Dr. Josh Axe, DC, CNS, DNM. From the interviews I did listen to, I learned that leaky gut could be the latest hidden epidemic in our modern society as research is linking it to the cause of skin issues, like acne and rosacea, digestive issues like bloating and gas, brain fog, weight gain, fatigue, food sensitivities and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. That's a lot! So, what is leaky gut? It is when your intestines get damaged and food and waste particles seep back into the bloodstream instead of being expelled as waste. Your body's immune system kicks in by sending white blood cells to fight these invaders like they are a virus. Now, your body thinks the sandwich you ate is something to always fight and you begin to show allergic responses to gluten, as one example.

How does leaky gut happen? Well, one theory is by consuming GMO foods. There has been evidence that pigs fed GMO feed have intestines so damaged that they can no longer be used as casings for sausage. Other foods that most likely cause leaky gut are high consumption of unsprouted grains, sugar and dairy. But there is more than just food that can cause leaky gut. If you are constantly stressed, especially while eating, that can cause digestive upset. Also, like most diseases, toxic overload can wear down your body. And, lastly, the bacteria in your digestive tract could be out of balance (due to high sugar consumption feeding the bad bacteria) and lack of fresh veggies that act as prebiotics for the good bacteria.

Well, now that we know some causes of leaky gut, we can take corrective action. No need to take an OTC or prescription remedy the rest of your life. And, what I like and will soon experiment with, a way to heal food sensitivities! I'd love to be able to eat some wheat or dairy here and there and not have my skin break out for days afterwards. I'm signing up for a free 30 day detox through this program, maybe you should too!

These steps are summarized from Dr. Axe's plan as I have not experimented with this yet. I just want to get the information out there for those that may benefit. Step 1 is to eliminate trouble foods like wheat, sugar, dairy and GMOs to give your body a chance to heal and stop reacting to these foods. Step 2 is to consume healing foods such as bone broth, fermented foods for the good bacteria and lots of steamed vegetables for the vitamins and minerals your body needs to heal. Step 3 is to add in therapeutic supplements such as vitamins and digestive enzymes. Step 4 is to add in probiotics. I would say that step 5 would be to test out the trouble foods one by one in small amounts to see how your body reacts.

This plan is similar to the Clean Program that I did personally do a few years ago, but a bit longer and some differences in the foods you eliminate and what foods you do focus on eating. It just goes to show how much we don't know about nutrition and are constantly learning and tweaking to help people heal and maintain a healthy physical (and mental) state on an individual level. One program may work beautifully for someone, but not give the desired results to another. It is why I find the study of nutrition so interesting.

I hope you liked this, let me know what you think!

With love, hugs and smiles,



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