A Book Review: "Beating Cancer With Nutrition," by Patrick Quillin

Today's post was inspired by my weekly YouTube subscription to The Truth About Cancer. Watch the 5 minute snippet of the interview with the author here. One of the big reasons I'm so passionate about nutrition and health is because I wish to be physically and mentally active throughout my entire life until the end. To be able to do that, one must prevent degenerating diseases such as cancer, arthritis, dementia, etc... from taking hold in the body. I first heard of the book "Beating Cancer With Nutrition" by Patrick Quillin from The Truth About Cancer, but I didn't actually read it until assigned during my Nutrition and Chemistry class. It was a fascinating book in which Quillin recounted many, many times where cancer patients would follow his nutritional protocols and were able to make it through the chemo and radiation therapies without suffering the toxic side affects of those treatments and their cancer did not return. This book is so full of information regarding causes, treatments, prevention and resources for dealing with cancer. His mission is to get the word out so that more oncologists and their patients work in nutrition as a key part of their cancer treatment to improve their final outcome with their battle against cancer.

So why is nutrition so important during traditional cancer treatments such as chemo and radiation? Well, for one, chemo and radiation treatments are used to kill cancer cells, but they kill healthy cells in the process. These treatments can make a patient so sick they become malnourished and he claims over 40% of cancer patients actually die of malnutrition opposed to the cancer. The body needs the healthy cells to rebuild and the quickest way to rebuild is to provide optimum nutrition by eating whole foods and taking proper supplements and eliminate things that burden the body such as sugar, pesticide residue on foods, chemical additives and stress. Stress and your mental outlook on life are so important that science doesn't really understand why yet, but the body-mind connection is definitely one that can't be ignored. One of the fascinating stories was of a man who had cancer of the larynx after his wife left him and said "there is nothing you can say to make me stay." How's that for body-mind connection?

The main part of the book are his "aggressive nutrition" techniques for improving the outcome of cancer treatment. He lists his top 10 Anti-Cancer Food Categories and why these foods are important: Vegetables, Cold Water Fish, Legumes, Whole Grains, Kelp, Colorful Berries, Yogurt, Green Tea, Healthy Seasonings and Clean Water. He lists cancer fighting supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are also helpful. Taking supplements may need the help of an experienced practitioner to help determine which are most effective on a case by case basis. And, of course, like most health books, he includes many recipes.

He goes into ways to try to determine the underlying cause of your cancer. Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle? Are you malnourished? Is your body overloaded with toxins? Do you handle and view stress negatively? All or some of the above? If you can't determine the cause of the cancer, there is a high probability that it will reoccur down the road. "No one with a headache is suffering from a deficiency of aspirin..." is one of my favorite lines from the book. It is so true of how modern medicine typically treats disease - just mask the symptoms with a drug instead of going deep into an individual's lifestyle to determine the root cause and begin treatment there.

He also provides ways to improve your immune system so it can do it's job to fight secondary infections and help kill the cancer cells on its own. This is such an important topic if you wish to prevent disease. Part of a healthy immune systems is understanding food allergies and how to overcome them. It is a topic I am still working on for myself and mentioned in my previous blog post about clearing my skin and that of my baby's.

Another thing I'd like to mention in case you are reading this and have cancer or know someone who does is that there are many alternative therapies to chemo and radiation out there. Several are listed in this book. Many more are provided on The Truth About Cancer's website. Unfortunately, they are not as well known because of the state of our medical establishment in the United States. Chemo and radiation are big money makers for the drug companies, whereas taking some herbal supplements costs mere dollars and there is no big money to be made from them. Herbs cannot be patented like drugs. Herbal treatments can also be taking in conjunction with traditional chemo and radiation and will help nourish the body so it can handle the toxic stress better.

Lastly, he lists nutritionally-oriented doctors by zip code that are familiar with his techniques which I think is so important if you wish to follow his advice to use nutrition as a key part of your cancer treatment.

I was very impressed with this book and believe it is a must-read for anyone who has cancer, or like me, wishes to avoid it.

With love, hugs and smiles,